28 February 2014

Tight coiled flower arrangement

I’m obsessed with floral arrangements these days.. The flowers are made from hand cut strips. Last week, I had been to a stationary shop and found green strips and without thinking for a moment, I bought them. My first paper strip purchase and from then onwards, I’m looking for a moment to put them in place. Here it goes:

Happy Birthday..

   Happy Birthday dear..6 balloons…train with 6 coaches (I counted the engine too, maybe I shouldn’t have done that – err pointed by my sis)..Yes. Pranav liked it.

19 February 2014

Cup cakes


        Hey.. My elder son is turning 6 and I wanted to give him something from my quilling world. He loves art and craft and he is going to like it. One thing that came to my mind is a set of 6 miniature cupcakes. It’s birthday time and children (of course, we too) love to have cakes.. Isn’t it? Thank God he is an early riser and hence sleeps early. So, after putting him to sleep, started off and finished by 11:30 pm (something unusual on my part to wake up till late in the night). As soon as I’m done with this, I wanted to share the pics with my sis and my husband who was in abroad. So, placed them on a computer key board (again to highlight the miniature-ness) for a photo shoot. To Do in my list – a cup cake holder.

Bell flowers

        On Friday, I came to know that some relatives are visiting our home in the weekend and obviously, I cannot do any quilling stuff. So, wanted to do some quick project and this arrangement is there on my mind since long. So, went ahead with this simple bouquet. To Do in my list – add some more stuff so that it doesn’t look sparse. I didn’t do much research when I made this, but while blogging this post, I did lil bit of research and was stunned to see the beautiful lavender and blue colored flowers. Also, came to know that the it takes both its common and its scientific name from its bell-shaped flowers—campanula is Latin for "little bell".

Flower bouquet

Back to floral arrangements. Here is an assorted floral arrangement with some small fringed and big quilled flowers. As always, I like to weave the basket to give it some realistic appearance. The size of the entire arrangement is 20 x 15 cms.

Teddy Bear

  I was excited to see a paper quilled teddy in a fellow blogger’s site and decided to try one. Attempted to create a 3D fringed ball from two spherical halves. I’ve decided to throw away as this didn’t come out very well. Started this project before pongal. Couldn’t finish this, as we had to go on a pongal holiday. After coming back, I didn’t feel like throwing away the 3D fringed ball, so, decided to reuse in the teddy project. Made a bigger fringed ball and used the existing ones as head and this one as body..Though the fringes are not very neat, I liked this one. To high light that this a miniature teddy, photographed it by the side of a sharpener from my kid’s pencil box..Will definitely attempt to do a better one with more bright colors next time.

14 February 2014

Merry Christmas

Dear husband is back from a month’s trip to Spain and I didn’t touch my quilling tool after that.. Christmas is here and I had many plans.. couldn’t do anything.. So, I got up early and decided to quickly do something before the kids wake up…..Yup…santha cap and some gifts…in the obvious red & white combination

More assorted fringed flowers

12 February 2014

Fringed flowers in blue & lavender

  My grandmother came to Hyderabad and u feel good to be pampered by grandparents. Isn’t it? When the mind is peaceful, the thoughts would be peaceful and so the actions.. Ok..Let me stop the philosophy... Back to quilling and I fell in love with this color combination after seeing it in a fellow quiller’s blog. Blue and lavender. This didn’t took as much as time as my previous one.. Cut the paper broader and strip them carefully, then quill them around a tight coil.. Simple !! My brother gave a compliment that, so far this is the best of all my works..

Paper quilled swirled flowers

  I’ve seen swirled paper flowers in pinterest and they looked so beautiful to me. From that moment onwards, I’m looking for some time to try them.  And finally got some time in an afternoon of a weekend, when the kids are sleeping…Total 6, 3 colors each.. Well, I must say this project took maximum time when compared to any of my earlier works.. But, I’m satisfied with the final outcome.


Almond sized Burger

  I don’t like burger. But, while cleaning the table after a quilling project, found couple of brown strips and thought of doing something with them. After making tight coils with them, came this idea of burger. Though not looking good, I felt like posting this too..

10 February 2014

Flopped ones

Hmm..I wanted to try a 3D flower pot and couldn’t succeed in doing in neatly.. But, after cutting so many strips and quilling the tight coils, I didn’t feel like throwing  it away. I could get one unused flower from one of the previous projects and simply inserted it into this and added couple of loose coils

05 February 2014

3D miniature snow man

   In my childhood, I used to get delighted to watch the movies based on Christmas theme. Christmas trees, snow man, gift packs, rein deer, snow flakes.. It is a dream for me to celebrate at least one Christmas in a chilled place where I can get to make a real snow man…But, for the moment, I’ll try to do it with paper as I’m into quilling these days..After I made this, my elder kid is very excited…reminding me of m y childhood days.. It is just a ground nut sized..

Relax in Goa!!

We desperately needed a break and decided to take a holiday and the destination is Goa. The moment the trip is confirmed, I couldn’t wait to try something with quilling which brings in the holiday  mood. Here it is – two trees and a swing.. Hmmm..relaxing !! and that’s what a holiday is meant for. Isn’t it?

03 February 2014

A floral pattern in red

Floral patterns really look good with quilling..So, I wanna attempt one simple pattern..Here it goes..

Simple card with a fringed flower..

A simple card with a fringed flower and new type of basket that I've learned..I pasted this badly on another back-ground...u can see the glue marks in top right corner..need to be more careful while gluing..


Hmm....After ice-creams, its turn for the next favorite food for one and all...Yup..Cakes...From childhood onwards, I had a dream of cutting a multi-tier cake, which is still a dream ;)
But, with paper, I wanted to try multi-tier cakes...
Here they are - Again, thanks to my brother for capturing them well..