29 April 2015


Well..My brother drinks soft drinks a lot and I hate to keep all those empty bottles. So, I discard them. But, one day I felt that I can reuse the caps of these bottles, instead of a quilling coil for the base of cake and hence keep storing them. One fine sunday, when there are no house hold chores to do and lot of caps lying there to turn into cakes, what else do I do..Got a piece of paper and crayons and started drawing all kinds of cakes that came to my mind and started working on them. Well, anyways I'm planning to set up a miniature bakery (a noble request from my younger son, when I made miniature florist shop for my elder one) and I would need lot of cakes to fill it in. And here they are...I'm obviously very eager to show this to my younger one and see if he can figure out these as cakes.. Yet to pass the test I take before I post any of my quilling craft...Waiting for my son to come back to Hyderabad after his summer vacation :)

For all the women out there...

Happy Women's day

To lovely sister..

A birthday wish for my sweet sister..