15 October 2015

Blue butterfly

It’s been really really long since I quilled a butterfly. This is to complete one of my previous frames which has got light blue flowers on a white back ground. I was lazy to quill the black strip around the butter fly eyes and later used a black marker.. Laziness is clearly seen in the outcome. If I compare this with my earlier butter fly, I didn’t quite like it. Anyways, I’m going to use it on the frame…

06 October 2015

Paper quilling gerberas

This is my second gerbera project. Earlier, I’ve attempted to make one using A4 paper & cut them into different sized petals and later paste them as flowers, backed by a colourful butterfly. I gifted it to my college buddy, whom I met after many years. 
 I wanted to make one for myself and here it goes.

 It’s been really long since I purchased any craft material and one fine wednesday, I came across itsy-bitsy and ordered bunch of quilling strips. But lil bit disappointed to see that delivery would take a week days. It was quite a relieving week at work and reached home after a Friday pizza party @ work. To my surprise, I got the stuff on same day. What else do I need to start a week end? I made 4 flowers in the week end.