30 December 2016

Silk thread accessories - 3

Another project on silk accessories.. so far, I've been trying to use the things from my mom's sewing kit. It's time to buy brand new and other color threads other required raw material...But, as you know, I'm too lazy to shop and the prices in Amazon were not so convincing to me..Then, came an opportunity when my DH & mom-in-law were out of town for 4 days and I have no choice, but to take off from work..that too on Thursday and Friday...What else do I need?
On Thursday, I picked my son from school (which he loves the most when I'm not going to work) and went straight to a (so called very famous) stationary shop to check if I can buy the things I need... I was very much disappointed to see the limited collection they've..so, picked just 3 threads & jhumka base and came home...
Started making all these stuff with the limited stuff I bought and they were so addictive that I can't stop making these for two days.. I had to stop on the third day as my eyes were hurting a lot..But anyways, good stuff to start with..

14 December 2016

Behind the scenes

In contrary to the regular posts, I decided to put up a post on the mess I create in the process of making a craft project. I must say that I compete with my 5 & 8 year old kids in creating clutter in the house (the only difference is I clean it and they don't)

Here is my space..one shelf in a wardrobe where I store all my art/craft supplies..I do make an attempt to clean this up once in a while..but it is always a challenge..

Silk accessories

Here is my second silk jewellery project..The shine & brightness of the threads is something that is keeping me to this craft and pollute this blog again.. Unlike my earlier project, I used cris-cross sewing of two threads for this. Again, my laziness still remain and didn't give an attempt to go to shop and buy brand new threads..still using 10 year old threads from my mom's sewing kit..

29 November 2016

Sun flowers in a frame

Here comes the final arrangement of the sun flowers that I've quilled at least 7 months ago.. Becoming lazy these days :( ..Final arrangement is what I struggle with the most..The leaves were made out of a parrot green crepe paper and I must admit that my 5 year old younger son helped me in making the leaves. so cute of him :)
But looking at a recent project, I some how feel that I should have used a darker tint of green...Never mind, I've not glued them yet (lazy again) and may be I'll throw these leaves away if at all I could get a bit darker shade of green..

25 November 2016

Quilling flower branches

Well..I've been dragging this project for a long time..and finally here it is..two branches of (can I say they are cherry blossom??) flowers with felt cloth leaves in between...A tire some one which involved quilling 200# of 2 mm strips..
Now, the star of the arrangement is the cute white tricycle..I purchased it from a craft store and it was bigger than what I had thought..May be I need to quill more flowers..probably another color?? This looks so monotonous..

Silk Bangles

This blog was originally started as a journal for my quilling projects. In between I side track and lays my hands on other activities too (like pencil shading, clay jewellery) and pollute this blog ;)
One more to this non-quilling projects list - Yup...something I wanted to try for a long time, but kept postponing..Finally, got some time on one fine winter weekend..My wedding anniversary is approaching and I wanted to make something matching for this occasion. But, you know, as always I'm too lazy to go out and shop for required materials.. Luckily I found this pretty pink color silk bangle in my tailoring kit and waited no time..It turned out to be good..Since the sari I'm wearing has a silver border, paired up this with a lace of silver beads.
 the outer pair of thin bangles were just a trial with a contrast color..

18 November 2016

Miniature flower basket

I love miniatures, and as always I enjoy doing miniatures. Here comes one such flower basket. The basket is a quilled 3D shape on which I've pasted a swirled coil all around.
 The flowers are regular pink and yellow spiral ones. I could have used roses or something else, but my primary object here is the basket; So, didn't want to spend too much time on the flowers.

07 October 2016

The beauty of simplicity

It was the last day for code delivery and I was literally getting mad as the delivery attempts were failing for no fault of us..It was more like watching an Indo-pak cricket match.Will it get through successfully this time? I've shut myself in a room (in which I keep my craft stuff)..laptop on one side...books on another side (to get myself diverted)..Then, my lil monkey came and asked why I've not been doing any craft in recent past. Yes.. why am I not doing? For any craft, I need some inspiration. Out of our conversation, he wanted me to make some simple bouquet..He only picked the red & green colored strips and here is the simplest stuff I could do with his choice of colors..When I'm in this mood of doing crafts, I literally forget everything..I didn't even realize that the delivery happened and it went smoothly this time...

24 September 2016

Quilling minature roses bouquet

Happy Birthday DH

It has been quite a long time since I've made a miniature..Dear hubby is out of station and its exam time for kids...so, I've to sit along with them and it's the best time for a new project..So, here comes a miniature bouquet of roses..birthday gift for husband..Guess, what's the base?? It's cap of an empty nail-polish bottle..he..he..he..

13 May 2016

Sun flower for the summer

Sneak peak into my ongoing project...unlike my earlier sunflower project, I had chosen the actual color this time..Let's see how it goes.

08 May 2016

8 cute flowers for my lil one..

More than 100 days since my previous post..Load at work place kept me away from my craft activities and I'm back to life now..Here is a post which is about a set of 8 quilling flowers (indicating 8th birthday of my elder son, who is a craft -lover)..I know pink & purple are girlish and you might be wondering why I've chosen these colors..Come on..come out of this stereotypical thoughts.. 

28 January 2016

2015 - Summary

Just before I move to do something new in this new year, here is the stuff that I've framed up in the year gone by..So, replaced all the existing ones hanging on the walls, with this new stuff.
Something new I did this time, was to add my sign at bottom right corner of the frame..

As usual, I failed to capture a clean picture of the frames and this is the best I could shot with my smart phone :(

Oohh...Just realized that this is my 100th post....Patting back myself :)


Miniature bakery

Here comes my collection of paper quilled cakes and bakery items.. One for the new year, 2016 :)
When I made miniature florist shop, my son gave this idea of creating a miniature bakery. I attempted to do one from an empty sweet box, trying to make the shelves myself, but it resulted in vain :(
Those shelves couldn't hold the cakes for a long time..So, waited patiently for a stiff holder and here comes one from my neighbor..She has been to Dubai and bought a box of dates..I loved the box more than the dates as I know it would be perfect for holding my miniature cakes...