29 January 2018

Mini paper quilling flower arrangement

Recently, my grand parents stayed with us for some time. My grand father's hobby is to complete word search puzzle books. He has finished three books (yeah, you read it correctly..they are books)
To highlight the words that he has found in the puzzle, he use color markers/highlighters.
I've collected all the caps of these & put in my age old miniature quilling flowers in these..

 And here is what I've finally made from these.. Guess what the base is ?? A Ferraro-rocher chocolate box cover that we recently got in my office ;)

As this is so light weight, I was experimenting it by putting on a leaf  :)

Crepe paper hibiscus

In the house that we moved in recently, there are hibiscus trees all around the house & one in neighbour's house (most of it falls into our house, of course). And all these trees has huge number of flowers. Every time I see them, I wonder how do I quill them with strips.. I happen to visit a craft store which has huge collection of crepe paper and I bought few of them...Hibiscus petal texture matches with the crepe paper and hence I've given it a try..

I've made these life size & here are couple of these  amidst the actual hibiscus leaves :)

And these is back to its original place on my side table :)

11 December 2017

Mini pot with quilling flowers

Am back to the world of quilling after a long time..This is so therapeutic..best way for me to forget the dirty politics @ work and have a peaceful weekend :)

we've recently shifted home and this one has got some open space around..My grand mother has put up few pots with all leafy vegetables around.. See my miniature vs the actual pots...

Also, I got this nest while I was going back from work on friday..I didn't have time to make new flowers, but could pick from my existing collection & they were fitting perfectly in this pretty nest.

13 August 2017

12 May 2017

Silk Bangles in pretty pink

A month has gone by with no post :(  Recently, my  interest seems to be drifting slowly towards silk..silk..silk..and mention not,  sarees.  I've become a big fan of this traditional 6 yard garment and look for every opportunity to wear it :) (and also buy it..sssshh..secret !!)

As mentioned earlier, the first and foremost thing after a new saree comes into my wardrobe is to make a pair of matching silk bangles...Here comes my latest set..Pretty pink and golden yellow..Again, no extra embellishments..just a simple checker design with two colours..

Eagerly waiting for an opportunity to wear this..

09 April 2017

Yet another bangles set

I'm obsessed with sarees these days and as soon as a new saree enters my wardrobe, even before I get the other formalities done (blouse etc), I take out the bangles and matching silk threads and starts making the bangles..It's so fun..

As this one is for a silk saree, I though of adding some embellishments and here comes my new pair of red-orange silk bangle set :)
It's been more than a month and I've already wore these twice, before I took pics and add this post..lazy me ;)

31 March 2017

Quilling roses

Here comes another quilling flower arrangement..Couple of 3D roses; each of them took close to 100 strips and good amount of time. But, I'm happy with the outcome.. I think, I could have chosen a better color, but not much choice is left. I'm running out of stock and it is high time that I place a new order and fill my stock :)
I'm yet to decide if I should leave it as a stand alone piece 'or' it should be framed..