04 May 2019

Quilling Miniature Bakery


Hurrayyy !! My miniature bakery is finally ready.. I've made many cakes since I started quilling. Some were given away as gifts..And the ones that are left behind were poorly treated so far..I've reserved one IKEA shadow box for these little creatures..If you notice closely, I've put in my miniature teddy as well inside :)
Here is what my miniature bakery offers - Candies,  Teddy,  Cup of Coffee,Womens' day exclusive cake,  Choco Delight, Cup-cakes, Rich chocolate cream etc etc..

Here is the front view..It is very difficult to click the details with the glass on..

Quilling Hibiscus

This is my second hibiscus project. First one was made with crepe paper. This one is pure quilling.
Here is a pic, while are they are drying :)
Yet to make leaves & stem them..Not sure, when I'll complete this :(

24 March 2019

The bloom shop

Here is my latest version of an earlier florist shop. It makes me feel really sad to see these miniature flower pots being exposed to dust & dirt. I've got a shadow box frame from my last visit to IKEA and thought of moving these pots inside the shadow box. The existing shop doesn't fit. So, I had to make another one out of card stock and arrange these flowers inside it. With the help of my younger son, we named this as "The bloom shop".. I'm so glad that my miniatures are safe and dust free.

09 March 2019

Yellow quilling flowers..on the way..

These days, I've been going for an evening walk with my neighbors. Our colony has got lot of trees which are blooming to the fullest. Especially, during the dusk, they look more beautiful & I just can't express the beauty in words. I couldn't stop myself from quilling these little yellow flowers.. The journey has just begun.. Dear Mother Nature, as always, you continue to inspire me :)

Green bunch

Work is driving me crazy these days and I couldn't do any quilling these days. After a long gap, when I opened my quilling box, my younger son came to me and insisted that he will help me in sorting out them.. We were casually discussing on what to make next and came with a thought of making green flowers.. Yes...green flowers...Why is that flowers are always made non-green? Why do I never use green srips for flowers? Let me try once and here is what I've finally made.

Flowers were made pretty easily. Now, we were stumbled up on what to use for leaves? I've tried 3other colors before I concluded on a dark green shade.

07 December 2018

Miniature quilling pot and flowers

Here comes one more miniature paper quilling flower pot with flowers...'ve made this pot long ago and just left it like that..When I was looking into left overs of previous projects, I came across these little yellow quilling rolls, which I think were supposed to be flower's pistil..Thought of using them to fill up this pot.
When we went out recently, I've helped my DH to pick this mug for me ;) So, sweet I'm..Right?
See, how my pot looks by its side..

Miniature paper cake

Here is a miniature cake..my favorite recipe (color)..I've made couple of these earlier and they went out of my miniature bakery as gifts..So, I've made one for myself. It is almost the size of a tea light candle..Here is another variant with the candle lit..