07 December 2018

Miniature quilling pot and flowers

Here comes one more miniature paper quilling flower pot with flowers...'ve made this pot long ago and just left it like that..When I was looking into left overs of previous projects, I came across these little yellow quilling rolls, which I think were supposed to be flower's pistil..Thought of using them to fill up this pot.
When we went out recently, I've helped my DH to pick this mug for me ;) So, sweet I'm..Right?
See, how my pot looks by its side..

Miniature paper cake

Here is a miniature cake..my favorite recipe (color)..I've made couple of these earlier and they went out of my miniature bakery as gifts..So, I've made one for myself. It is almost the size of a tea light candle..Here is another variant with the candle lit..

23 June 2018

Quilling yellow daisies

I'm obsessed with yellow and as soon as I go to a craft store, I look for pure yellow paper strips and those are the first ones to get consumed in my next project. Here is one such quilling arrangement, 3 real size daisies. The leaves are not really quilled..I tried colouring them with some weird crayon colors..of course this is all about imagination and doesn't necessarily be near to reality :) 
We recently purchased OTG and my friend who already owns one, has agreed to help me in buying related baking stuff and so we ended up visiting a shop near my office and in the crockery section, I came across this pot (I think this is tea mug)...without a second thought, I purchased this as I'm sure this will serve the purpose of a pot for my quilling flowers..

Quilling jasmine pot

This is something that I've made almost an year ago..but, arranged recently..The leaves were made for some other project, but got eventually ended up sitting here :(
As always, I begin with something in my mind, but ends up doing something else..Actually, this was meant to be framed, but ended up as a standing piece (after I realized that there were some empty miniature clay pots)

One thing I tried this time is the center part of the flower is not a quilled roll, but thick drop of yellow acrylic paint after trying all these options.

Birthday card

A simple card for my friend's daughter's birthday...God bless you Aminah !!

Just like that..

Not much quilling is happening these days.. Not sure what am I doing in the weekends :( I happened to see this thread in my garden and wanted to make something out of it..Got an empty liquid soap bottle and hence wrapped it around..Now, I need something which I can make quickly to fill this up..What else than these simple paper flowers?? Here comes the final output :) 

29 January 2018

Mini paper quilling flower arrangement

Recently, my grand parents stayed with us for some time. My grand father's hobby is to complete word search puzzle books. He has finished three books (yeah, you read it correctly..they are books)
To highlight the words that he has found in the puzzle, he use color markers/highlighters.
I've collected all the caps of these & put in my age old miniature quilling flowers in these..

 And here is what I've finally made from these.. Guess what the base is ?? A Ferraro-rocher chocolate box cover that we recently got in my office ;)

As this is so light weight, I was experimenting it by putting on a leaf  :)