19 February 2014

Teddy Bear

  I was excited to see a paper quilled teddy in a fellow blogger’s site and decided to try one. Attempted to create a 3D fringed ball from two spherical halves. I’ve decided to throw away as this didn’t come out very well. Started this project before pongal. Couldn’t finish this, as we had to go on a pongal holiday. After coming back, I didn’t feel like throwing away the 3D fringed ball, so, decided to reuse in the teddy project. Made a bigger fringed ball and used the existing ones as head and this one as body..Though the fringes are not very neat, I liked this one. To high light that this a miniature teddy, photographed it by the side of a sharpener from my kid’s pencil box..Will definitely attempt to do a better one with more bright colors next time.

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