23 March 2014

Happ Holi !!

Pink flower arrangement

I've got whole bunch of light pink strips that I've  bought for Gerbera project. Now that I've finished that project with A4 sheets, I wanted to use these ones for a different floral arrangement and the first
 thing that came to my mind is the tight coiled petals. I've used this technique in one of my earlier project, but I think I never get bored of these tight coils. Each flower is approx. 5 cm in diameter. I've used 100 nos 2mm strips for this arrangement. The vase is a used perfume bottle :). I've got one more pack of same color..so, will be adding more buds and flowers to this ;). 

A closer look:

For few shots, I experimented the vignette option of picasa.

Can you see the mangoes behind?

Quilled Gerbera flowers

Its wedding season in India and I’ve attended one recently. The venue is decorated with colorful gerbera flowers.. My younger son has managed to get one flower (I don’t know from where he got it). It seemed to be doable with paper and this time I wanted to do them with readymade strips. I wanted to go the real flower size this time and definitely it is tedious to cut so many strips. I’ve placed an order in craftadda.com (first online order placement for quilling). But, there is some issue and they couldn’t do the delivery immediately. I’m so restless and couldn’t wait till I get the strips. So, tried by simply cutting the paper.. no quilling…and this is how it turned to be.. not bad.. Isn’t it?



On a Friday evening, I was browsing through some paper flower tutorials. I came across a webiste, where the author summarized few tutorials and the first thing that excited me is the flower pattern that is used in Japanese kusudama paper ball.Here is the tutorial: http://foldingtrees.com/2008/11/kusudama-tutorial-part-1/
My elder son has made many of these petals. Glad that he enjoys craft work. I used 7cmX7cm paper for a petal and glued 5 such petals for a flower. When I made these, I'm not sure how I'll arrange them in a frame. But at the moment, I've left them in a vase (a used glass bottle from my kitchen filled with blue balls)

15 March 2014

Rich chocolate Cake & other party needs ;)

I’m in a spree to do a full-fledged miniature bakery. I’ve checked existing cakes and found none in white & black combo.. I love black forest and decided to do something related. Here is the tier cake, which I would say, a rich chocolate cake ;) Hmm.. need few more stuff to fill up  my bakery.. Bakery without drinks? Not a good idea…so, added couple of drinks and a chocolate gift box (My younger son could recognize this one and I’m glad about it;)

Thank you note for teacher

  Pranav’s teacher is getting retired day after tomorrow. As soon as I went home, this is the first thing he told me and he wanted to give her a flower bouquet.  The next day I totally forgot it.  In the evening when DH came back from work,  my son asked about the bouquet and phew..its already late in the night..My husband suggested to give away something from my earlier works and Hmm..i didn’t like the idea, as I wanted to have some special note for her.. Teachers are always great.. Aren’t they? Then, he suggested to do a card similar to the one I gave him earlier. So, with the same pattern, I came up with this card...she said ‘wow’, the moment she opened it and I’m glad she liked it J

Congratulations card

 To my dear hubby who  exceeded the expectations and received a very good appraisal rating at work..This was not in my mind when he told me this news. After finishing the regular evening chores, kids were busy with the TV and I didn’t have any new games in my mind to play with them..Its 7:30 pm and DH will come home any time..so, wanted to do a card for him before he arrives. So, started off with this simple congratulations card and he stepped in when I was about to finish the card and there comes my elder son to show the card to his father.

Poppy -2

 I’m not satisfied much with my earlier poppy project. This time, I made sure that I’ve enough strips for couple of flowers and buds before starting the project. I bought a handmade paper in green, which I used for leaves and  another handmade paper as the vase. The entire arrangement just fitted in a FerroRocher box

Valentine’s cake

I had this cake in my mind ever since I saw red and white decos in the nearby gift gallery for valentine’s day. I’ve made few red and pink miniature roses earlier. Isn’t this a perfect combo for this season of love?       

Floral arrangement – Husking technique

On the other day, I was browsing for some quilling tutorials and came across this husking technique where the paper strips are husked across a comb, instead of traditional quilling tool. Found it interesting and thought of giving it a try. I had whole bunch of red paper strips, which I had cut for making a sun-flower bouquet. Broke the rule and used them for this project and the leaves are made from a handmade paper. Centre is a fringed quilled flower. After I showed it to my elder son, he commented – ‘mom, if you put this in our balcony, bees may come, thinking that these are real flowers’…I’m flattered. Thank you my son and it made me add a bee here [thanks to my friend, who also posted a comment for cherry blossom tree, which triggered this bee idea]

09 March 2014

Shadow Box

Hurray !! I’ve learnt to make a shadow box on my own. Thanks to  Inn for her wonderful tutorial @ http://increations.blogspot.in/2009/06/how-to-make-simple-paper-frame.html

Poppy – 1

Just loved the quilled poppy from Inn’s blog. Here is the tutorial @ http://increations.blogspot.in/2009/09/quilled-poppies-step-by-step-part-1.html. Found it be a bit tedious. Only after finishing the first one, I realized that I don’t have the same color paper and I couldn’t do the second one. Just one for this time.

Punch craft

  Since punching is such an easy thing and I was just trying to see how multi-color flowers looks, I’ve made this one on the same day..

Cherry Blossom Tree

    I don’t know if this looks like a cherry blossom tree or not, but it is what is there in my mind when I started this project. I happened to buy a punch m/c from a local stationary shop for INR70/-.  The same day my elder son came home with this answer scripts and he got A+ in all papers.. He loves craft and I decided to gift the punch m/c to him and I must say that he is on top of the world to see it. To him, it was like a magic. Punch and you get a flower J. On the other day, I was browsing and came across few quilled cherry blossom trees and decided to try it myself. Also I’ve this new punch craft, which I can borrow from my kid.. so, instead of quilling, I used punched flowers here and for the branches, I used the dried branches of a shrub from my mini balcony garden. For the leaves also, I punched green sheet of paper and used two petals as a leaf.

05 March 2014


I made similar kind of arrangement earlier, but in blue and lavender. My cousin took that and I wanted similar one for me..so, tried this color combo this time.

Another floral pattern (green this time)

This is same as one of my earlier work. Now that I’ve gifted that to my uncle, who liked it very much, I thought of making one for myself. Quickly from the ready-made strips. I liked the earlier color more than this.. But, that’s ok..