09 March 2014

Cherry Blossom Tree

    I don’t know if this looks like a cherry blossom tree or not, but it is what is there in my mind when I started this project. I happened to buy a punch m/c from a local stationary shop for INR70/-.  The same day my elder son came home with this answer scripts and he got A+ in all papers.. He loves craft and I decided to gift the punch m/c to him and I must say that he is on top of the world to see it. To him, it was like a magic. Punch and you get a flower J. On the other day, I was browsing and came across few quilled cherry blossom trees and decided to try it myself. Also I’ve this new punch craft, which I can borrow from my kid.. so, instead of quilling, I used punched flowers here and for the branches, I used the dried branches of a shrub from my mini balcony garden. For the leaves also, I punched green sheet of paper and used two petals as a leaf.

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