26 April 2014

Quilling sun-flowers

I had whole bunch of yellow and orange strips with me. I could have done sunflowers with yellow. But, with some gut feeling I went ahead with orange strips. When I started this project, I really had no idea on how I fit this on a frame. I wanted to do at-least one flower and wanted to go real size this time. I could make and assemble the petals with ease.  I had real difficulty in doing the stamen. Had if I selected the yellow strips, things would have been more easy. I tried couple of other combinations before arriving at this one.

13 April 2014


Butterflies are the nicest things that can be made out of quilling. The patterns on the skin of butterfly resembles the paper quills. Here is an attempt to make a mono chrome butterfly.
And once this is done, I’m looking for some flowers where I can put this on. I thought of framing the paper Gerberas that I’ve made some time back and add this beautiful creature on those flowers. Now that I’ve learned to make a beveled shadow box frame (Thanks a ton to Inn for her wonderful tutorial @ http://increations.blogspot.in/2009/11/nice-paper-frames-instructions-template.html
), I’ve pasted these flowers and butterfly arrangement into this handmade shadow box frame. The inside of the paper is A4 size.Thanks to my elder son who allowed me to use his hand for my photography :)

08 April 2014

3D miniature flower bouquet

On the way to cafeteria in my work place, I come across a security desk, where they put up a fresh flower bouquet.  It is very pleasant to see bunch of fresh flowers in various colours and one day, I felt like preparing one from paper. I borrowed few 10mm strips from my son’s quilling set and made the roses. For the leaves, I used green dark paper and fringed it. For the basket, I weaved an old invitation card. 

My kids holding them prettily J

02 April 2014

3D miniature flower pots

Hmm.. It has been quite some time since I did a 3D miniature. Miniatures are always my favourites. Whenever I am helping my elder son during his study time, rushes the younger one and makes all attempts to disturb his brother. So, I usually draw some pictures for him so that he gets engaged in colouring activity. The flower pots idea popped into my mind when I was doing that exercise for my kiddo. I wanted to recap all the flowers that I’ve been trying with quilling, fringed ones, circular patterns, roses, punch craft etc. So, decided to do each one with a different colour and highlight its pot with the same colour. Initially, I had struggle in making these flower pots stand properly. After gluing the plant in the pot, I filled the sides with coffee beans.. They are firm now. Each pot is approximately 4.5-5cm in height and width is around 3 cm. Also, for the first time ever, I’ve added watermark on these pictures. I wanted to add couple more pots to the family in blue/lavender/green. Let’s see when can I finish that ;)

Here is the one on which I've added a water mark :)

 Couple of shots with varying background