02 April 2014

3D miniature flower pots

Hmm.. It has been quite some time since I did a 3D miniature. Miniatures are always my favourites. Whenever I am helping my elder son during his study time, rushes the younger one and makes all attempts to disturb his brother. So, I usually draw some pictures for him so that he gets engaged in colouring activity. The flower pots idea popped into my mind when I was doing that exercise for my kiddo. I wanted to recap all the flowers that I’ve been trying with quilling, fringed ones, circular patterns, roses, punch craft etc. So, decided to do each one with a different colour and highlight its pot with the same colour. Initially, I had struggle in making these flower pots stand properly. After gluing the plant in the pot, I filled the sides with coffee beans.. They are firm now. Each pot is approximately 4.5-5cm in height and width is around 3 cm. Also, for the first time ever, I’ve added watermark on these pictures. I wanted to add couple more pots to the family in blue/lavender/green. Let’s see when can I finish that ;)

Here is the one on which I've added a water mark :)

 Couple of shots with varying background

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