23 June 2018

Quilling yellow daisies

I'm obsessed with yellow and as soon as I go to a craft store, I look for pure yellow paper strips and those are the first ones to get consumed in my next project. Here is one such quilling arrangement, 3 real size daisies. The leaves are not really quilled..I tried colouring them with some weird crayon colors..of course this is all about imagination and doesn't necessarily be near to reality :) 
We recently purchased OTG and my friend who already owns one, has agreed to help me in buying related baking stuff and so we ended up visiting a shop near my office and in the crockery section, I came across this pot (I think this is tea mug)...without a second thought, I purchased this as I'm sure this will serve the purpose of a pot for my quilling flowers..


  1. Hello! You have a lovely blog. I especially adore the miniature flower pots that you make. I have been visiting your blog for quite sometime now. Your works are gorgeous and intricate.
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