21 May 2014

Paper quilled tulips

On the way back to India from Poland, I happened to land in Amsterdam airport for some time and I was stunned by the tulip flowers in all the shops around. GOD !! they are awesome. This was 10 years back and that picture is still afresh in my mind. On the other day, I came across some tulips pics and I couldn’t stop myself from giving a try with paper. As usual, the colours are not my choice. I have pink and yellow strips (2 mm) and went ahead with them.  Though it is a long procedure – making tight coils and then giving them a tear drop kind of 3D shape and then gluing the petals, leaves.. I’m happy with the final outcome

And In my balcony, in a real flower-pot :

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  1. Can you please let me know the details on how to make these ? And how to assemble ?