28 July 2014

Back to basics - Roses


I’ve made Paper Roses long time back.. that too not real sized ones. It’s always strips that I’m using these days.. I’ve decided to pause it for a while and use the A4 colour sheets for next project. I’ve picked two shared of red and made these 4 cute roses.. I’m amazed to see the size of the roses (using the same paper size) differs just by the amount of pressure that I applied while quilling.

Birthday card

A simple birthday card for my maternal uncle, who is a super-man to all his niblings.

Crepe flowers

An attempt to make simple flowers from crepe paper. Sorry, I have just this color paper. Initially I was hesitant to use this colour as it is very dark. But, it didn’t turn out to be that bad.. Isn’t it? Yellow colour stamens are left over fringed flower from my previous project. I didn’t finish this yet, but I was looking for some place to put these and found a small flower pot (believe me, it’s really small – around 10cms in height) which my kid used for his pre-primary school project. He is glad that he saw only leaves when the pot was in school and now he can see some flowers in it.. Mamma made a magic !!

18 July 2014

Pink Quilling flowers

I must that I’m obsessed with these tight coiled flowers. I’ve made one such project earlier and its gone as a birthday gift. I felt that I must have one and attempted this project, but with a little difference. Unlike the regular green leaves, I used dark pinkish brown this time. This is same as the stamen color and I liked this combo. But, I had difficulty in capturing the photograph and the kind of vase to use. Also, after arranging it in a tea pot shaped glass vessel, I realized that I could have make few more flowers.. Hmm..I ran out of strips and this is what I could do at the moment and this is standing prettily on my dining table for the past week.

04 July 2014

Paper quilling - Tiny sunflowers

 In one of my earlier project, I’ve made real size orange sunflowers.. I know orange is not a regular colour, but it turned out to be good.  I wanted to do the actual sun-flower colour, but doesn’t have the patience to go real size this time.. so, is this tiny sunflower project. I started liking it only after adding the leaves. Unlike the regular stemming practice (flower first and then leaves), I made it a bit different this time.. One leaf followed by the flower and couple of leaves.. I liked it. I started this long time back. Tight coils were made when we were travelling to my parent’s home to get back my kids after summer vacation. And now that they are back, I don’t have the luxury of finishing it on time.. so, it took some time to get this done. Every time a pattern is made, I can’t wait to put  frame it behind the glass. Now that I know how to arrange them in a cup, I wanted to leave it as standing piece and decided to make few more standing pieces