21 August 2014

Quilling ear rings - 3

Third consecutive ear rings week.. I’m excited and eager to make many more..

Quilling ear rings - 2

Few more ear rings that I quilled in the weekend. For the first time, I used bee-hive technique (for white-black ones), which I’m planning to use since long time. Also, these are easy and quick to make. Love them..

12 August 2014

Quilling ear rings - 1

Well, It’s been almost 8 months since I’ve started quilling, but never tried the jewellery stuff.  Along with quilling strips, I’ve ordered ear ring hooks, though I’m not sure when I’ll attempt one. After I received the product, I couldn’t stop myself from trying one and in the first go, here are 4 of them. The colour combination is from my ward robe, obviously. As usual, I started with some pattern in my mind and it finally turned to be something else. I showed these to my grandfather and he wanted me to make a ring for his finger. Cool. Isn’t it. And my elder son suggested that I make matching chains too. When I posted the pics on FB, to my surprise, I got a request to sell these.. I’ve used Asian paints varnish and am waiting to get it dried soon in this monsoon.. I really wanted to explore the other types of sealant and finish they give and I’m looking forward to make some more this weekend…

03 August 2014

Pencil Sketch ("By the kid in me" series- Part: 2)

Well, It's been a couple of months since I've done my first sketching project. I wanted to pursue it further, but am totally occupied with Quilling, Guitar and other stuff..Well, I need another day off to treat my hunger.
I've tried couple more from my kid's sketching book. Here they are -

Pencil sketches - 1

My elder son got 'Pencil sketching' book as a birthday gift from his grand mother. He wanted me to teach it. I, myself don't know anything about sketching. How do I teach him ? Well, I took a day off to give it a try and here are my first sketching projects. wow...I'm liking it :)

My son liked this the most - He says - " erase with pencil & draw with erasure"..