12 August 2014

Quilling ear rings - 1

Well, It’s been almost 8 months since I’ve started quilling, but never tried the jewellery stuff.  Along with quilling strips, I’ve ordered ear ring hooks, though I’m not sure when I’ll attempt one. After I received the product, I couldn’t stop myself from trying one and in the first go, here are 4 of them. The colour combination is from my ward robe, obviously. As usual, I started with some pattern in my mind and it finally turned to be something else. I showed these to my grandfather and he wanted me to make a ring for his finger. Cool. Isn’t it. And my elder son suggested that I make matching chains too. When I posted the pics on FB, to my surprise, I got a request to sell these.. I’ve used Asian paints varnish and am waiting to get it dried soon in this monsoon.. I really wanted to explore the other types of sealant and finish they give and I’m looking forward to make some more this weekend…

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