25 September 2014

Quilling swirled flowers in hand made basket

I was looking for some pictures of swirled flowers on web and then came to know its name -  HYACINTH  (kans grass) ‘or’ Saccharum spontaneum. I’ve used these in one of earlier projects, but it was multi coloured and at that time I struggled to find a proper place for them. They went into a cup, then a glass jar and finally were framed behind a glass. I wanted to use the craft sticks that my sister has bought from US few years back and I’m always fascinated with the kind of outer wall that ppl make with sticks.  So, I’ve picked that as base and obviously this would need lot of flowers to fill in the basket. Pink and purple combination was fabulous. Not very lucky. I don't have either of these colored papers right now and I know for sure I'm not going to buy more stuff in near future. So, I've to settle down with light yellow and green combination and created almost 20 such flowers to fill in the basket. Now that my sweet sister has bought these cute tiny pots from US, I’ve put these in the pot as well for a click. Lesson from the project - do not use card stock for this kind of flowers. The swirls will not last longer.

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