31 October 2014

Diwali diyas

Happy Diwali to one and all !! The spirit of Diwali is in the air and diyas is the first thing that came to mind when I want to quill some festive related stuff. Here goes two kinds of them..the light is an oval shaped tight coil for 3 of them and twisted loose coil for 3 of them. 

Also, a flower pot (oops! My kids couldn’t recognise this as flower-pot). Never mind ! I’ll post is still. 
Also, a real diya vs my miniature ones. 

And both my kids competed to hold them on their hand and pose for photographs J.

17 October 2014

Miniature Birthday cake & bouquet

It’s been really really long since I’ve done a miniature stuff and I sat down on a Friday evening to do this sweet little cake. Of all my cake projects, I loved this the most and ofcourse this took a lot of time… the miniature roses took away my time J Finally, I’m happy with the outcome. I gave this to a friend of mine, on her birthday.
Now that I’ve come across double fringing technique, I wanted to use in one of the project and hence I came up with this simple red double-fringed flower bouquet.

Crepe paper flowers on a dried branch

I know I didn’t get the right tune of pink and green. The lazy lady in me didn’t let me explore much before I started this project. So, started off with the colours that I’ve. I’ve cut the crepe paper alongside the length in the form of a petal, 5 such petals were placed around the floral wire and that’s it. Attached them to a dried branch and some greeny leaf like ones here and there. The entire branch was falling on to one side, hence it wasn’t looking so good when looked from the other side. Wanted to put one more branch in the other side to make it complete and good-looking all the 360 degrees.

Quilling Birthday card for dear husband

Simple birthday card for dear husband on his birthday..