30 December 2014

Quilling monogram - Name plate gift for friends

This is my first quilling monogram project. Took a while to finish as there are lot of detail to be filled in...but, am happy to see the output. As this is a project to be gifted, it took some time to decide on the colors and the pattern..Finally, presented them on their house warming day..

Old wine in new bottle

The peacock was made in summer and I left it like that..One day, when I saw it lying on the floor and about to be torn into 3 pieces, my heart almost melted. I still remember the effort I put into this. Decided to frame it and hence made this back-ground. It is finally behind the glass, hanging prettily in my drawing room..

20 December 2014

Florist shop

 My dream project has come true.. Some time back I told my elder son about this idea of florist shop and since then, he is after me.. Every weekend he reminds me and keeps on asking me when I would be doing this. I’ve enough of miniature flowers & pots to fill in the shop. Only the shop is pending. One fine weekend afternoon, when the kids and hubby are off to their mid-day nap, I started this and could get it done within couple of hours and am waiting for the elder son to get up. He is very happy to see this miniature shop and next day we have decided to give it a name. He liked ‘The Bloom Room’, but I was more inclined to ‘Rainbow bouquet’. He has let me go with the name of my choice after I promised him that I’ll consider his favourite name for my next ‘miniature bakery’ project.. And I’m sure he will sit on my head till I finish that :)