05 June 2015

Assorted quilling daisies

I purchased quilling stuff from craftadda a while ago....left with assorted colors, in little quantity...Before I place my order, I want to finish off the left over strips for some colorful project...I came across an assorted daisy frame in fellow blogger's page and it looked so beautiful to me..I just can't wait any longer to give it a try..Here is my version of assorted daisies frame..

Quilling Ear Rings - 5

My next set of quilling ear rings...using the pliers that my sis has sent..

Quilling hair clips

My first attempt to make quilling hair accessories..My father is traveling to my sister's place this summer and I wanted to send something special for my lil gunnu. She is too young for quilling ear rings..then came this idea of quilling hair clips...Drafted ~20 varieties and finally managed to finish these..The toughest part is sticking them on to the plain clips...After doing little bit of research, I went ahead with tying a thread on to the broader side of the clip and then gluing the quilling piece on to it, rather than directly pasting it on to metal. Let's see of these can withstand gunnu's stress test. 

Mother’s day card

For my dear mother...where ever you are...what ever you are doing...accept my love on this mother's day..