22 November 2015

Pretty pink flowers against a bright moon sky

I had this project in mind since one year..It was the sight of the bright November Moon amidst the coconut leaves that triggered this idea. It is my favorite month of the year coz I had my birthday and wedding anniversary in this month. Not just me, many of my family members and my dear friends were born in November and I had some sweet childhood memories of this month. Me and my sister along with my Mother and grand mother used to go to temple on auspicious karthika pournami (full moon day in November).

Back to business, last November I wanted to make them for our anniversary. But the flowers I quilled for this project were used for something else and it was down in the queue. It's  November again and yeah..this time it is our 10th wedding anniversary and I gotta do this at any cost.

                Quilling elongated petals was always a puzzle to me..Tight coils would give round and at most oval petals. One fine night, I had made few attempts and after I could understand the technique behind this, I was overwhelmed with joy and decided to use these flowers for my moon project.

And for the first time, I'm using a proper crepe paper for leaves and am glad that this was much better than any leaves that I've made so far. 

A closer shot of my paper mate..

The background was hand painted by me. It was a weekend effort and my son too made his hands dirty with water colors to paint some bright and night skies. It was a very good weekend..Me and both my kids were sitting in our guest bed room painting , painting and nothing else.

 And this is my messy room :)

Couple of other back grounds that I've tried for this project..

08 November 2015

Cherry Blossom branch against bright blue sky

Here is another attempt to do a cherry blossom branch, but it's all quilling this time. Even the branches are coiled strips..Flowers are made from 1.5 mm hand cut strips. Just for variation, I selected two shades.one in red and other in orange..Flowers are made in two sizes and the stamen is a simple white bead..The back ground is something which took considerable amount of time..I'm pretty poor when it comes to the matter of colouring..I had done couple of attempts and this is the final out come..blue sky + green landscape + few clouds...As usual, to bring in some life, I've put one quilled butterfly...
A closer look at my paper buddy...

A closer look at the tiny flowers :)

Hand painted background...

Gerberas in a frame

It’s all Gerberas around and I must share the pic from shutterstock that inspired me to do this project. 
Flowers in pretty colors against a black background..I simply loved it when I came across it and have been trying to find some time to create a quilling project with this theme. Finally, I could achieve this now.
I’ve added some butterflies to my project, otherwise I get some static feeling and project seem to be missing life
This is now ready to go beyond the glass and I’ll share pics once the final frame is ready..

And both of them in same pic...

Couple of other arrangements that I've tried before arriving at final one..