28 January 2016

2015 - Summary

Just before I move to do something new in this new year, here is the stuff that I've framed up in the year gone by..So, replaced all the existing ones hanging on the walls, with this new stuff.
Something new I did this time, was to add my sign at bottom right corner of the frame..

As usual, I failed to capture a clean picture of the frames and this is the best I could shot with my smart phone :(

Oohh...Just realized that this is my 100th post....Patting back myself :)


Miniature bakery

Here comes my collection of paper quilled cakes and bakery items.. One for the new year, 2016 :)
When I made miniature florist shop, my son gave this idea of creating a miniature bakery. I attempted to do one from an empty sweet box, trying to make the shelves myself, but it resulted in vain :(
Those shelves couldn't hold the cakes for a long time..So, waited patiently for a stiff holder and here comes one from my neighbor..She has been to Dubai and bought a box of dates..I loved the box more than the dates as I know it would be perfect for holding my miniature cakes...