07 October 2016

The beauty of simplicity

It was the last day for code delivery and I was literally getting mad as the delivery attempts were failing for no fault of us..It was more like watching an Indo-pak cricket match.Will it get through successfully this time? I've shut myself in a room (in which I keep my craft stuff)..laptop on one side...books on another side (to get myself diverted)..Then, my lil monkey came and asked why I've not been doing any craft in recent past. Yes.. why am I not doing? For any craft, I need some inspiration. Out of our conversation, he wanted me to make some simple bouquet..He only picked the red & green colored strips and here is the simplest stuff I could do with his choice of colors..When I'm in this mood of doing crafts, I literally forget everything..I didn't even realize that the delivery happened and it went smoothly this time...

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