29 November 2016

Sun flowers in a frame

Here comes the final arrangement of the sun flowers that I've quilled at least 7 months ago.. Becoming lazy these days :( ..Final arrangement is what I struggle with the most..The leaves were made out of a parrot green crepe paper and I must admit that my 5 year old younger son helped me in making the leaves. so cute of him :)
But looking at a recent project, I some how feel that I should have used a darker tint of green...Never mind, I've not glued them yet (lazy again) and may be I'll throw these leaves away if at all I could get a bit darker shade of green..

25 November 2016

Quilling flower branches

Well..I've been dragging this project for a long time..and finally here it is..two branches of (can I say they are cherry blossom??) flowers with felt cloth leaves in between...A tire some one which involved quilling 200# of 2 mm strips..
Now, the star of the arrangement is the cute white tricycle..I purchased it from a craft store and it was bigger than what I had thought..May be I need to quill more flowers..probably another color?? This looks so monotonous..

Silk Bangles

This blog was originally started as a journal for my quilling projects. In between I side track and lays my hands on other activities too (like pencil shading, clay jewellery) and pollute this blog ;)
One more to this non-quilling projects list - Yup...something I wanted to try for a long time, but kept postponing..Finally, got some time on one fine winter weekend..My wedding anniversary is approaching and I wanted to make something matching for this occasion. But, you know, as always I'm too lazy to go out and shop for required materials.. Luckily I found this pretty pink color silk bangle in my tailoring kit and waited no time..It turned out to be good..Since the sari I'm wearing has a silver border, paired up this with a lace of silver beads.
 the outer pair of thin bangles were just a trial with a contrast color..

18 November 2016

Miniature flower basket

I love miniatures, and as always I enjoy doing miniatures. Here comes one such flower basket. The basket is a quilled 3D shape on which I've pasted a swirled coil all around.
 The flowers are regular pink and yellow spiral ones. I could have used roses or something else, but my primary object here is the basket; So, didn't want to spend too much time on the flowers.