30 December 2016

Silk thread accessories - 3

Another project on silk accessories.. so far, I've been trying to use the things from my mom's sewing kit. It's time to buy brand new and other color threads other required raw material...But, as you know, I'm too lazy to shop and the prices in Amazon were not so convincing to me..Then, came an opportunity when my DH & mom-in-law were out of town for 4 days and I have no choice, but to take off from work..that too on Thursday and Friday...What else do I need?
On Thursday, I picked my son from school (which he loves the most when I'm not going to work) and went straight to a (so called very famous) stationary shop to check if I can buy the things I need... I was very much disappointed to see the limited collection they've..so, picked just 3 threads & jhumka base and came home...
Started making all these stuff with the limited stuff I bought and they were so addictive that I can't stop making these for two days.. I had to stop on the third day as my eyes were hurting a lot..But anyways, good stuff to start with..

14 December 2016

Behind the scenes

In contrary to the regular posts, I decided to put up a post on the mess I create in the process of making a craft project. I must say that I compete with my 5 & 8 year old kids in creating clutter in the house (the only difference is I clean it and they don't)

Here is my space..one shelf in a wardrobe where I store all my art/craft supplies..I do make an attempt to clean this up once in a while..but it is always a challenge..

Silk accessories

Here is my second silk jewellery project..The shine & brightness of the threads is something that is keeping me to this craft and pollute this blog again.. Unlike my earlier project, I used cris-cross sewing of two threads for this. Again, my laziness still remain and didn't give an attempt to go to shop and buy brand new threads..still using 10 year old threads from my mom's sewing kit..