11 December 2017

Mini pot with quilling flowers

Am back to the world of quilling after a long time..This is so therapeutic..best way for me to forget the dirty politics @ work and have a peaceful weekend :)

we've recently shifted home and this one has got some open space around..My grand mother has put up few pots with all leafy vegetables around.. See my miniature vs the actual pots...

Also, I got this nest while I was going back from work on friday..I didn't have time to make new flowers, but could pick from my existing collection & they were fitting perfectly in this pretty nest.

13 August 2017

12 May 2017

Silk Bangles in pretty pink

A month has gone by with no post :(  Recently, my  interest seems to be drifting slowly towards silk..silk..silk..and mention not,  sarees.  I've become a big fan of this traditional 6 yard garment and look for every opportunity to wear it :) (and also buy it..sssshh..secret !!)

As mentioned earlier, the first and foremost thing after a new saree comes into my wardrobe is to make a pair of matching silk bangles...Here comes my latest set..Pretty pink and golden yellow..Again, no extra embellishments..just a simple checker design with two colours..

Eagerly waiting for an opportunity to wear this..

09 April 2017

Yet another bangles set

I'm obsessed with sarees these days and as soon as a new saree enters my wardrobe, even before I get the other formalities done (blouse etc), I take out the bangles and matching silk threads and starts making the bangles..It's so fun..

As this one is for a silk saree, I though of adding some embellishments and here comes my new pair of red-orange silk bangle set :)
It's been more than a month and I've already wore these twice, before I took pics and add this post..lazy me ;)

31 March 2017

Quilling roses

Here comes another quilling flower arrangement..Couple of 3D roses; each of them took close to 100 strips and good amount of time. But, I'm happy with the outcome.. I think, I could have chosen a better color, but not much choice is left. I'm running out of stock and it is high time that I place a new order and fill my stock :)
I'm yet to decide if I should leave it as a stand alone piece 'or' it should be framed..

Another silk bangles set

March shouldn't just go without a post..Right? Here is a pair of bangles that I've made in January, but kept postponing to put in blog - as I wanted to take better pics..Looks like I'm not going to do that anymore.

This time, I've used the checker pattern, where in the yellow thread is weaved against the outer blue thread, giving a pattern. I've not used any embellishments; This goes with a plain cotton saree and gives a simple look, which I love the most :)

06 February 2017

Quilling lavenders

Here comes my latest quilling project (well, this is a month old). I've been waiting for quilling lavender in a combination of light and dark, but I could not manage to get both these strips at a time so far. Finally, my last purchase has both these colors and this is what is made from these 2 mm strips (400 odd strips ??).

 I couldn't quickly reach to a conclusion on what the stamen should look like and in which color. I tried black, brown and finally ended up using fringed yellow strip..

25 January 2017

Paper Quilling miniature snow man

Here comes the month of December and what do i do, apart from enjoying a steaming cup of coffee? This time I and Kids have decided to get a Christmas tree and decorate it with DIY ornaments. We could manage to do lot of stuff with the paper and other craft accessories that we've at home..I wanted to add something made out of quilling and the first thing that came to my mind is a miniature paper snow man..so easy to make..Isn't it??

Multi color silk bangles

Yet another silk thread project. This time, it is a pair of multi colored bangles. My maternal aunt has asked me to make a pair for her. But, I'm not sure which color will go with her clothes..So, decided to make a multi-coloured one and here it goes...One is made while I was on the way to my home town..crazy me :)