31 March 2017

Quilling roses

Here comes another quilling flower arrangement..Couple of 3D roses; each of them took close to 100 strips and good amount of time. But, I'm happy with the outcome.. I think, I could have chosen a better color, but not much choice is left. I'm running out of stock and it is high time that I place a new order and fill my stock :)
I'm yet to decide if I should leave it as a stand alone piece 'or' it should be framed..

Another silk bangles set

March shouldn't just go without a post..Right? Here is a pair of bangles that I've made in January, but kept postponing to put in blog - as I wanted to take better pics..Looks like I'm not going to do that anymore.

This time, I've used the checker pattern, where in the yellow thread is weaved against the outer blue thread, giving a pattern. I've not used any embellishments; This goes with a plain cotton saree and gives a simple look, which I love the most :)